About Us - Reflections of Thought
Here's something interesting... This is where we got married.  Awesome!
Welcome to Reflections of Thought and thank you so much for stopping by.

When you think of a reflection most, think of an image reflected back to us; such as from a mirror. Usually this image our own reflection; we see what others may see. So what is a photograph? First it is an image of what you see. But for some photographs quite often, and more importantly, are a reflection not only what we saw but how we felt and what we thought.

Framed in that very instant of time is a picture that captures our feelings and thoughts. So what is a photograph; for some it is a 'Reflection of Thought'.

Who are we? We are Ken and Lynn. We love taking photographs, as I'm sure many do. We wanted to share some of the wonderful things we've see and hopefully the feelings and thoughts of those moments too. 

So please look around.  We hope you enjoy the photographs.  Since these really are a Reflection of our Thoughts.

Thank you for stopping by,

Ken and Lynn

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